• Gemini-ⓛogin Gemini Key Features

    Institutional-grade crypto storage. Industry-leading security. As a Qualified Custodian and Fiduciary, Gemini can provide the highest levels of security and compliance for institutions looking to hold digital assets on their balance sheet.


    Gemini Custody® is our segregated custody solution, which offers the highest levels of security and compliance.

    Key features include:

    • Assets held 100% offline in our proprietary cold storage system.
    • Assets held in segregated addresses that are auditable on their respective blockchains.
    • Same day withdrawals and instant access to assets for trading.
    • Simple and intuitive custody user interface.
    • APIs available for account audits and reporting.
    •  gemini login Downloadable account statements.

    Gemini Clearing®

    Gemini Clearing® is a fully electronic clearing and settlement facility for crypto trades. Because Gemini is a chartered trust company and licensed fiduciary, our processes and controls across our organization are SOC 2 compliant.


    Our trading platform offers several options for trade execution to accommodate the liquidity needs of our clients. Our team will help you design an execution strategy based on your goals and ensure seamless implementation.

    Other Capital Market Solutions

    Gemini Fund Solutions brings deep knowledge and expertise from crypto and traditional finance, and offers support and solutions tailored to your specific needs. Gemini account

    Key features include:

    • Trades settle instantaneously or inside an agreed upon settlement window.
    • No funds are transferred between Gemini accounts until both parties of the trade are fully funded.
    • All parties are subject to Gemini’s robust KYC onboarding and BSA/AML program.
    • Trade details are known only to the parties involved and are not published via Gemini’s market data feed.